Fred Hultberg

Profile Updated: February 6, 2017
Residing In: Albuquerque, NM USA
Occupation: retired from the City, Executive Director of the New Mexico Games
Children: Doing a new update on my children. I oldest boy is Jase, who lives in California, and has his own construction More…company, and is now getting ready to sell his house that he has gutted and replaced everything in the house. I think he told me they bought the house for around $450.000 and will be selling the house for about $900.00. Went to St. Pius and played football for two years and played baseball his freshman, soph, and senior year where he pitched and play 1st base. Jase is married and his wife name is Marlena, and both are thinking of moving out of Los Angeles, too big, too busy, etc. My other boy, Brett, is now living with his wife Josie in Santa Fe, and is in Real Estate, for a company names Santa Fe Properties. He and his wife had lived in Phoenix for years, and Brett was there when houses were selling like hot cakes and he did very well, and put away some money away. It finally got too hot for him and his wife, and moved to Santa Fe, where he played basketball, tennis, and ran track at Santa Fe High.
Military Service: Army Military Policeman  
Yes! Attending Reunion

I went to College at Western N.M. my first year of college hoping to play baseball there, and my roommate was Chuck Whitfield, ex Highland alum who was going to play football. I lasted a year and a half and my Dad got real sick so I tranferred to UNM, became a Pike and was on probation, the whole time I was there, because we always got caught drinking. I joined the Pikes because we were the best in intramurals and I loved Sports, and we always won the Intramural trophy each year. I received my degree from UNM in l967 and four months later I was drafted, went to MP School in Georgia, and immediately sent over to be a MP in Vietnam. They asked if I could stay for a extra few months, so I was over there for 15 months and I got a 5 month early out. When I got back from the Army I opened a Basket and Gift shop in Coronado Center as well as having another shop called Timely Things. I got married in l972 and had two wonderful boys and enjoyed coaching both in football, basketball and baseball. Many years later I got a divorce and have remained single because I couldn't find a girl that enjoyed sports like I did. I kept both stores until 1987 and my lease had run out and I decided it was time to do something else. I decided to do what I loved, and that was working for Parks and Recreation and being able to be around kids and sports. In between l987 and know 20l0, I have been on the Albuquerque Sports Hall of Fame for over 30 years, I was the chairman of the Sports committee for the Convention and Visitors Bureau, I was in charge of the All American basketball game,which was in conjunction with the NCAA baketball tournament in l983, I've on numerous other Softball, track and field committees, but probably my biggest accomplishment was taking a chance when someone asked me to head up the NM Games. It had failed after the first two years and I have been the Executive Director for the last 20 years. We have grown from 1,000 athletes to close to 7,000 athletes. I keep saying I'm going to retire from both, but my health has been so good, that I just keep going. One of the neater things that I did was working at the l996 Olympics, when I worked basketball for 21 days. What a great experience. I have also been to 5 World Series, and Super Bowl, the US Open in NY, and my second best sport adventure, being at a Red Sox Fantasy camp and playing 10 baseball games in 5 days, at age 65, and being picked to pitch at Fenway Park at age 65 in 2008. I guess I led a great life hope to see everyone at our class reuion. I told Bob Eptein that if there is a UNM football game that same night as the reuion, I might be alittle late. I am now retired, but still the Executive Director or the New Mexico Games as of 2016.

School Story:

I'm not sure if I have a great school story but I enjoyed every minute that I could and only wish my dad,who had a tough life making ends meet, would have let me play more sports. but he always needed me in his own business, which was more important than sports to him. Highland was always great in sports, and I was really proud and would have loved to be able to play more sports, because I could catch just about anything someone threw me in P.E and I remember my favorite coach, Coach Sanchez, asked if I wanted to go out for football, but my dad wouldn't let me, and he only let me play baseball for one year. I still loved my dad and he died at age 56 when I was a sophmore at UNM of brain cancer.

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