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06/21/21 04:48 PM #43    

Judy Swortwood (Pederson)

I will be attending the reunion and bringing with me my husband Bill and Mary Jane Bowen Freelove.  Please let me know if I can help in some way.  Judy Swortwood Pederson 

07/01/21 07:32 AM #44    

Richard Newman

Rick and Susan Newman will be attending.

07/02/21 11:40 AM #45    

Carol (Balint) Jones

What is the status of the reunion. Address and time please and thank you.

07/05/21 09:46 AM #46    

Carol Wines (Moritz)

Looking forward to the reunion !

07/23/21 04:58 PM #47    

Carol (Balint) Jones

Hi. Just wanted to know how things were going. what is the address for the reunion. Thanks

07/28/21 05:36 PM #48    

Carol (Balint) Jones

Hi 😊. What 🤣 is the address for the reunion please.

07/30/21 11:54 AM #49    

Roxie Morrow (Moore)

I have registered for the reunion, but have a couple questions.  Not everyone makes it back to Albuq. frequently, so could you please post dertailed directions on how to get to the 'mansion'.  Also, a few hotels/motels that are fairly close to the venue - - so won't have to drive all over town going from hotel to the reunion location.

Roxie Morrow (Moore)     currently living in Roswell.

07/31/21 08:46 AM #50    

Bob Epstein

On vacation. Will provide this information later next week. 

08/17/21 05:13 PM #51    

Carol (Balint) Jones

Hi. Check your records I have already registered in July. I paid the amount you needed.

08/18/21 03:40 PM #52    

Roxie Morrow (Moore)

Question:  Does the reunion committee have a Plan B for if the Delta variant of covid gets nastier & more virulent than it already is?  After all, we all pretty much fall into the 'Old Fogey' demographic!

Roxie (Morrow) Moore

As of today, there is no Plan B. As of today, the assumption is that if you have been vaccinated you should be safe.




08/18/21 05:37 PM #53    

Cecilia Cloughly

I have just registered for two for the event.  Thank you to the committee and to Kay Marchant for setting up such a wonderful reunion.  I was looking forward to driving from Los Angeles to Albuquerque to attend, visit with friends and relatives, and travel around NM (Jemez, Santa Fe, Navaho Dam, etc.). Unfortunately, it is looking like we won't be attending due to the Delta virus.  The registration fee for two is my contribution to the 1961 class kitty.  My phone is 909/596-5979.  I will update this as the date nears.

08/19/21 02:43 PM #54    

Kirk Thompson


I've just registered Billie, her sister Linda, and I for the Reunion.  We are looking forward to being there with whoever can attend.  We don't expect COVID-19, or any of its variants, to disrupt the proceedings.  Let us know if there are any changes.

Kirk Thompson


08/31/21 05:34 PM #55    

Roxie Morrow (Moore)

I need to cancel my reservation for the reunion.  Just a week and a half after the reunion I have a reservation to visit my youngest daughter in Wisconsin.  I haven't seen her and her family for more than 20 months.  I don't want to risk doing anything that would interfere with that visit.  Family first!     Roxie Morrow   (Moore)

08/31/21 08:10 PM #56    

Cecilia Cloughly

With great regret my husband and I have decided not to attend the reunion.  We both have underlying health issues (luckily not serious) which make a trip unwise with the high covid levels.  Please post lots of photos of attendees with name identification, please!   

Playing French horn has been my major activitity since high school. In 1974 I joined the Claremont Symphony Orchestra. Being CSO President since 2010 is my main activity in retirement.  Sadly, thanks to the pandemic, we won't be able to rehearse and perform in the forseeable future. . . .

09/06/21 08:11 PM #57    

Kirk Thompson


09/06/21 08:23 PM #58    

Kirk Thompson

Good evening,

Kirk Thompson, Billie (Nichols) Thompson, and LInda Nicholds (Billie's sister, two years behind us at HHS) will attend the luncheon and reunion.   There we expect to see friends, acquaintenances, and those we saw but did not know well at HHS.  As usual, we will compare physical condition, health situations, apparent success, and future prognoses with all we talk with.  We are looking forward to reconnecting with all who attend,and talking about those we mutually knew but could not attend for whatever reason.  It should be, like all the reunions have been for a fantastically talent class of people, another great reunion.

We would like to know who has signed up to be there on September 18 and the address of the Marchant Manse  so that we can find it with GPS.  A contact number for those of us who might get lost might also be useful.  

Looking forward to seeing all of you who will be at the reunion,



09/07/21 03:02 PM #59    

Bill Arvidson

This is Bill Arvidson.  I had intended to attend the reunion next week, but, Regretfully, I will not attend.

We live in Delaware, so Getting there requires flying...DUH.... And, while I have been vacc'ed, I fear the tight conditions within the aircraft are an unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. 

Warm regards to all my fellow Highland grads.

09/08/21 07:47 PM #60    

Leland Bowen

I am glad to see that more people are attending the reunion. Looking forward to it.

Leland Bowen

09/09/21 12:21 PM #61    

Lloyd Goff

I had hoped  a medical condition would allow me to travel, but the symptoms have not gone away, so I cant handle a car trip. So niether Nancy or I will be attending

09/15/21 02:28 PM #62    

Bill Moore

Hi, a big shoutout to my fellow Highland classmates of 1961.  I had hoped to join some of you at our 60th reunion this weekend but circumstances arose that precludes me and my wife Bobbie (nee Putnam class of 62) from travelling to Albuquerque.  Like many of you my life in recent months has return to some semblance of normality but we are still exercising a great deal of caution.  Prior to the pandemic I was working one day a week at a local golf course and trying to play (I use that term advisedly) golf once a week.  A year ago, in March as the pandemic was ramping up Bobbie (who had been a micro supervisor at a major hospital in Dallas) informed me that if I wish to continue my activities at the golf course, I will have to find some other place to reside possibly pitching a tent in our extra lot.  Not wanting to share my space with the critters that inhabit that lot, I chose to give up my job and golf. Since being vaccinated, I’m back to playing golf but have not returned to work.

I recently looked at the photos some of you took at our 50th reunion and I look forward to looking the photos that I hope many of you will take at this year’s event.  Cecilia, I was disappointed that you will not be attending this year’s reunion because your pictures from the 50th were all labeled as to who were in the photos. 

Finally I want to thank Bob Epstein, Kay Gilkerson Brown, Kathy Riley Nunn, Kay Marchant Rhodes, and Jim Zanios for organizing this event and I wish you and all the attendees the very best.


09/16/21 09:45 AM #63    

Phyllis (Vitale) (Schwartz)

Wishing our fellow '61 grads a wonderful reunion and a special time to reconnect. We could not be there this time but are with you in spirit. 

All the best,

Phyllis (Vitale) and Bob Schwartz

09/16/21 10:48 AM #64    

Leland Bowen

We are looking forward to the reunion. At the 50th reunion Cecilia Cloughly and I talked for quite awhile so I am disapointed that she will  not be able to attend this reunion. I am looking forward to seeing Sam Carnes and others at this reunion.

09/16/21 07:15 PM #65    

Cecilia Cloughly

Believe me, I wish that the covid danger were not so high for the car trip from CA to NM. Thanks to Bill Moore for remembering the ID labels I made for the 50th.  And to you, Leland Bowen, thank you for remembering our "French horns forever" conversation!  Thanks to the organizers!!!

09/16/21 10:03 PM #66    

Ralph Murphy

I regret that I will not make the 60th reunion. I had looked forward to this reunion for a long time. Lousy plane schedules along with the unattractiveness of flying a long distance on a crowded plane in the current pandemic environment just made the trip less than attractive. I hope all that are able to make the reunion enjoy it. I enjoyed the 55th mini-reunion and those classmates that I got to see at that gathering, A shout out to Kay Gilkerson Brown, Kay Marchant Rhodes, Jim Zanios and others who helped put this reunion together. It is really great of Kay Rhodes to offer to host the reunion in her home. Would loved to have seen her property. Looking forward to hearing about the gathering and hope there are plenty of pictures posted. 

Ralph Murphy

10/22/21 02:57 PM #67    

Jeff Sproul

 Virginia (May) Shumate passed away on October 18 after a brief illness. She met her future husband, Chandler Shumate, during her senior year. She attended BYU and married in 1963. They had 3 children and lived in San Diego from 1974 to present. She graduated from San Diego State Nursing college in 1984 and worked at the Children Hospital bone marrow transplant ward until 2000. After receiving a high number of letters from children’s parents, the hospital management established a Virginia Shumate Nursing Award for Excellence to be awarded to those nurses that excel in working with sick children. She was a loving and caring family member and friend to everyone she met.

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