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04/10/21 08:00 PM #14    

Bob Carroll

Yes John, I will definitely attend the reunion and have always enjoyed our reunions  and am very much looking forward to seeing you again.  I always stay additional days so maybe we can get together several times.  Hopefully the pandemic will be getting under control by then so we can meet at some restaurants.  If not I am staying with a friend  with plenty of room to safely visit.

04/13/21 09:13 AM #15    

Robert Bushman

I'm up for a 60th reunion -- in 2022. : >)

(And I like Cecilia's suggestions.)

04/14/21 09:54 AM #16    

Jacqueline Asher

Jacqueline Asher - I will look forward to our 60th reunion. Look forward to seeing everyone.

04/14/21 05:49 PM #17    

Connie Courtin (Cooke)

Much as I'd love a 2022 reunion, my husband is unable to travel and can't be left alone for long periods of time.  I wish you all many enjoyable times with our classmates! 

Connie Courtin Cooke (alliteratives anyone?!!)

Fullerton, CA

Class of 1961

04/23/21 12:12 PM #18    

Carol (Balint) Jones

Wondering how things are going with the class reunion.carol Jones c

04/25/21 01:38 PM #19    

Peter Fudge

Sounds like fun and I hope it can be put together.  Lots of people I'd like to see again -- the 50th was a hugh succeess I thought. Unfortunately I don't see any way I can see a trip to ABQ in my future this year, but my best salutations to all who are able to make it.   Peter Fudge  

04/26/21 03:26 PM #20    

Bob Epstein

Many people have responded positively to having a 60th Reunion, so we will put together a plan. Would September be acceptable? Any comments or suggestions?

04/27/21 09:09 AM #21    

Michael Hadaway

Come September... let's eat, drink and...

04/27/21 11:45 AM #22    

Krys Douglas

September sounds good.

04/27/21 01:00 PM #23    

Carol (Balint) Jones

Hi, September is fine. It takes time to get everything together. I will be glad to help you out. Let me know.

04/28/21 02:59 PM #24    

Bob Carroll

Sept is good if coronavirus numbers keep improving.  Recommend informal outdoor setting where we can mingle plus some chairs for us to catch our breath from time to time.  Sept will provide some light for awhile to better read name tags.  I agree with Cecelia that they should be large and easy to read.  Regardless, should be fun as usual and I expect to be there.

05/04/21 02:47 PM #25    

Jim Zanios

5/4/21 Yesterday our beloved clasmate and friend Walter Hines passed away after battling cancer. He is survived by his wife Bettie Hines. We met when we were both 11 years old and have been great friends ever since.  Jim Zanios

05/04/21 02:51 PM #26    

Jim Zanios

5/4/21 I have never seen a post for the death of Chareles Bradley in 2018. JayneBradley passed away in 2019. They were great friends to us all.  Jim Zanios

05/05/21 08:46 AM #27    


Loren Kuehne

Wow! 60 years. Unfortunately, I am living in Cuenca Ecuador and will not be able to attend. Everyone have a good time.

05/05/21 10:51 PM #28    

Bob Carroll

So sorry to hear of Walter Hines passing.  He was friendly and well liked by all.  I will miss seeing him at our reunions.

05/09/21 04:06 PM #29    


Delores Jeannette (Lambert) Pierce

I do better at telling travel stories than personal stories.  The stories started with the Elderhostel trip to Wales in 2006 with husband Randall Pierce.  I called it "Learning the ABC's in Wales" because the college professor tour guide told us early on that with so many castles in Wales, he would simply point and say ABC (another bloody castle).  Of course, we did visit a couple of these ABC'S!  Our local newspaper printed my story based on the itinerary but fleshed out with memories.  They even used my questionable quality photos from a disposable camera.  This got me rolling.

Last fall, during Covid-19 and just after Hurricane Zeta took out power to 600,000 people throughout Alabama, I went on a remarkable journey with my friend Linda.  Our trip was scenic with low hills and hundreds of thousands of trees (Alabama is still 68% covered in trees).  Our destination:  the Equal Justice a Monument and Legacy Museum in Montgomery,  The monument displayed dozens of granite stones the size of a tall refrigerator.  Engraved on the stones are the names of up to 30 people who were hung by mobs or an often unjust court system.  Sometimes it just said, "Name Unknown".  One stone represented just one county in mostly southern states.  But northern and western states had a share in the terror and murder--even my home state of South Dakota.  The stories of some of these martyrs were told at the Legacy Museum a short drive away in the downtown area.  One mother was hung when her son could not be found.  

As we seek equal justice, let us seek friendship with all peoples, all races, all colors.  I have found many friends of assorted colors in my 43 yrs in Alabama.  Some friends are as dear as my blood sisters and daughter.  More friendship goes well with more justice.

I leave May 12 for Albuquerque to visit my sister still there all these years.  I won't likely be back again this year though it is tempting.  Hope all of you that make the reunion have good stories to tell of your own travels.  May God be with each of you as we remember and live as fully as life allows.

Delores Lambert Kepner Pierce in Anniston, Al

05/11/21 02:13 PM #30    

Homa Lee

I often like to drive back to Albuquerque in the fall. If there's a reunion in September, I'll try to make it.

05/31/21 06:17 PM #31    

Carol (Balint) Jones

Hi🤣. Can you please tell me what time of day you plan on the reunion.

06/01/21 06:48 AM #32    

Leland Bowen

I certainly plan to attend the reunion in September. Please let me know the details. Leland Bowen 



06/01/21 07:39 PM #33    

Carol (Balint) Jones

Hi. I would love to go but if the reunion is at night I won't be able to attend. Let me know the time ok.

06/02/21 09:47 AM #34    

Phyllis (Vitale) (Schwartz)

Hello Fellow Hornets,

I am rarely on this site, so let me try to be succinct in sharing my news with you. Bob Schwartz and I, having been high school sweethearts, will be celebrating our 55th anniversary this June. We have one child, Erica, who is a Deputy DA in CA. We have lived in 7 states, and have resided in AZ for the past 40 years. We may have one more move to make someday...CA. 

We don't have any relatives left in Albuquerque, so we are a question mark as to the 60th reunion. Sounds perfect though in holding it at a private home. Thank you so much Kay. We keep up on much of the HHS news through a group of classmates who reconnected in Phoenix and have continued these past months on Zoom: Billie and Kirk Thompson, Linda Mullins Witzigreuter, Susan Darby Henningsen, and Cindy Reynolds Little.

I submitted this news previously, but it doesn't appear to be posted in the "in Memory" section. My cousin Phil Mataya, who was a classmate of ours, passed away in OK in June of 2019. His memoiral was held in Minco, OK on August 3. We were blessed to have many friends and family attend his celebrate of life. His wife Pat, whom many of you have met, now divides her time between children in OK and TN.

In addition to the names on the memorial list, please note that Charles Bradley and Jayne Widney Bradley, although not still togther, passed away months apart in Phoenix a few years ago.

It's such a boost to see that so many have come out the other side of this pandemic. Stay safe and healthy.

Many blessings,



06/03/21 02:33 PM #35    

Phyllis (Vitale) (Schwartz)

Hey, I noticed that I am not listed on the list of graduates. I promise, I was there......

06/04/21 09:30 AM #36    

Phyllis (Vitale) (Schwartz)

I'm back!
I apologize to The Browns, Kay & Scott. They are part of our Zoom group calls. We enjoyed connecting with them when they had a place in Fountain Hills, AZ. We miss having them here for the winters. Sorry guys. 

06/05/21 04:32 PM #37    

Carol (Balint) Jones

As much as I would like to attend the reunion, if it's at night I probably won't be able to attend. I don't drive after dark.

06/12/21 06:34 PM #38    

Jim Zanios

Chuck and Kay Whitfield will attend reunion. Just talked to him. Jim Z

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