In Memory

Ronald McKibben

Age at Death: 65
Cause of Death: Cancer
Classmate City: Scottsdale
Classmate State: AZ
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Kathryn (McLeod) McKibben now in Scottsdale and perhaps a brother in Los Angeles.

Ronald (Rocky) Mckibben passed away December of 2008 in Scottsdale, Az. Because his name was left off of every HHS list I have seen, I clicked my name (Jeff Sproul) in because the software would not allow me to fill in Rocky's. I am sure he graduated with me and the Blain brothers, etc. in 1961. He attended UNM fall of 1961 and I don't believe UNM would allow people to attend without a HS diploma or GED test. Why his name is not here is beyond me. I don't think he "walked" through the graduation ceremony due to the expense of the cap and gown. If there was a fee needed to be added to the graduation list, that may explain why his name is missing. Perhaps he graduated after summer school 1961 if there was a credit missing? Would someone on the reunion committee please research this error so classmates will know. I would like to add more info on this wonderful friend. Thanks Jeff not-dead-yet Sproul